A little something about us

Viper 4×4, LLC (VPR4X4) is a Company fully committed to the design and manufacturing of Bumpers and Accessories for the Off- Road market. Our product lines are considered by off-road enthusiasts to be on a Premier class due in part for our ability to implement innovated designs to fully enhance the trucks and Jeep lines. Since the start of our formal operations in 1998 we identified a need to produce two styles of bumpers for most trucks and Jeeps, the “Ultima” line for casual users and the “Rally” line for dedicated off-road aficionados.

We are also very proud to have a fully integrated product development cycle using 3D software technologies to create and validate the designs for look and functionality. As always, our team makes sure that every product design utilizes the proper balance of technology and human skills in their production. The use of this balance is in great part the driver for increase demand for our products. The Viper 4×4, LLC (VPR4X4) team is always thankfully to our customers for their continued support. A key metric for leadership is to be recognized by exceeding consumer needs, and validated by increased Sales. For that again thanks, we promise that we will always push the industry innovation envelope.

Felix Reyes, CEO